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V I C K I   L O V E L E E






Vicki Lovelee is a Chinese Canadian alt-pop singer from Ontario, Canada. She cleverly combines storytelling lyrics with artistic visuals in a moody yet theatrical fashion. Skulls, pink paint and eccentric black clothing has quickly become a part of her image. Vicki is influenced by pop artists like Lady Gaga, Allie X and MARINA.

Vicki showcases different emotions and stories, reflecting the multiple facets of her persona. She is unafraid to dive deep into topics like religion, death and struggle with anxiety. She is a huge advocate for mental health awareness and believes in the acceptance of all cultures and identities. Vicki hopes that her music will create a space for compassion and belonging.


She has been featured on various online publications like Lefuturewave, WISH USA 107.5 and Next Generasian. Even though the pandemic has hurt the live music scene, you can still experience Vicki Lovelee and watch her virtual concert on Youtube. Keep an eye out for her next single in April 2021!


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